Arab Horse in the Culture of Orient

Filip Kucera


The Arabian is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world. It is also one of the oldest breeds. Muslims believed, that Arabian horses came from Allah. From the very beginning of Islamic religion horses were very important part of this tradition and for this reason horses were the topic of many myths and legends. One original story tells how Muhammad chose his foundation mares by a test of their courage and loyalty: after a long journey through the desert, the Prophet turned his herd of horses loose to race to an oasis because they desperately needed a drink of water. Before the herd reached the water, Muhammad called for the horses to return to him. Only five mares responded. Because they faithfully returned to their master, though desperate with thirst, these mares became his favorites and were called Al Khamsa,meaning, the five.These mares became the legendary founders of the five “strains” of the Arabian horse. Muslims loved Arabians, horses were the subject of poems, they were described in Koran. Nevertheless, the Nomads train this animals very hard. This training and desert climate make Arabians very strong and tough, and today they are the most expensive horses in the world.

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