Roman Lutman jako metodolog historii (cz. II)

Piotr Kowalewski


Th is article focuses on the person of Roman Lutman, known primarily as the director of the Institute of Silesia. The Author attempts to present the person in a different light—as the methodologist of history. The starting point are the two Lutman’s articles from 1925, in which he reveals his own controversial thoughts. A necessary complement is the summary of the situation of theoretical reflection on the science of history in Poland and in Germany in the first third of the twentieth century. Presentation of the German methodology approach is more complex and focuses on the researchers, whose views have had the greatest impact on Lutman. In addition to the overriding objective of this text, which is to reveal an interesting aspect of Roman Lutman’s work, Author poses the question of the originality of its conception and considers its later life.

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