Neoreakcyjny utopizm

Jędrzej Maliński


Paper aims to reconstruct the neoreactionary ideology present in the US alt-right circles. The reconstruction is done by using three methods: analyzing the genealogy of the movement in the context of concrete sociocultural circumstances allowing it to appear; presenting the main representatives of neoreactionary thought (Mentius Moldbug, Michael Annisimov, Nick Land) and their reception; considering the postulates of neoreactionaries by using the notion of utopia. The main argument of this paper reads that there is the direct connection between neoreaction and capitalism, which is shown by the example of Land’s supposed path of thinking leading from the accelerationism to neoreaction. In conclusion, I state that the future projected by neoreactionaries does not have a utopian nature, being rather post-apocalyptic instead. The neoreactionary thought is rather a survival guide after the inevitable (as argued) fall of liberal democracy, but not the fall of capitalism.

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