Doświadczanie Innego: postkolonialne oblicza rasizmu

Elżbieta Pakszys


The anthropological and sociological concepts of human race are considered as a possible but historically rare object of philosophical reflection. In the history of discovering and conquering the world, human racial variety has faced various prejudices and discrimination with regard to individuals and groups of color. The slowly growing awareness of the domination/hegemony of the representatives of the white race over others undergoes, however, modification in the face of the development and presence of the written experience of people (women and men) representing the racially discriminated (subaltern). Historically limited to anti- Semitism, the presence of racial prejudices in Poland is expanding with today’s process of globalization, including Islamophobia and Gypsyphobia. This situation demands multifaceted reflection in order to overcome the so-called “white ignorance” as well as the structural/systemic racial discrimination.

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